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Why are you looking at my userpage?!

2009-10-26 20:45:47 by Ptcfast

Why? Why are you looking at my userpage?!


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2009-10-26 20:53:04

Why are you reading my comment?

Ptcfast responds:

Why are you reading this reply?


2009-10-26 23:53:56

Saw your sig actually whipped it out and compared sizes

Mines is bigger then that sig...


2009-10-27 19:43:40

Because I want to see what's up with you.


Ptcfast responds:


Fucking minimum character limit...


2009-11-08 14:22:33

I'm here so you can see my userpage.


2009-11-12 03:23:53

Because I was on the levels page and I'm weird because when I look at a level icon, a user with that icon will pop into my head, even if i've only seen them once or have never even spoken to them.

I thought "I think ptcfast is the level with a broken bottle", so I checked, and there you were.


2009-11-12 12:56:14

I can't stop staring at sad Tom :(